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From Acholi naŋa.



nanga ‎(plural nangas)

  1. (music) A simple wooden harp or zither used in central and eastern Africa.
    • 1950, Roslyn Rensch, The harp: from Tara's halls to the American schools:
      The "shoulder harp" or "nanga" had a boat-shaped sound chest.
    • 1975, Sibyl Marcuse, A survey of musical instruments, p. 403:
      The nanga of Nubia is similar; here also, long wooden pegs prevent the strings from slipping.
    • 1986, Okot p'Bitek, Artist, the Ruler:
      The artist uses his voice, he sings his laws to the accompaniment of the nanga, the harp; he twists his body to the rhythm of the drums, to proclaim his rules.




nanga (needs class)

  1. anchor (tool to hook a vessel into sea bottom)

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