napulo ug duha ka sikatulo

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Fractions with duha ka sikatulo
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Alternative forms[edit]


From napulo ("ten") + ug ("and") + duha ka sikatulo ("two-thirds").


napulo ug duha ka sikatulo

  1. (fractional) one and two-thirds (1⅔); represents the real number 1.66...

Usage notes[edit]

  • Try to avoid attaching the conjunction "ug" to the numeral that is acting as the whole number (in this case, napulo), so as to avoid
    confusion with other fractions with similar spellings but are different in meaning.
    This is how you should write and say the fraction 10 2/3:
    napulo ug duha ka sikatuloten and two-thirds
    If you affix "ug" to napulo (the whole number), it would mean another fraction:
    napulog duha ka sikatulotwelve-thirds (12/3)