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A shrimp nauplius


From Latin, from Ancient Greek ναύπλιος (naúplios, a kind of shellfish). See Ναύπλιος (Naúplios).


nauplius (plural nauplii)

  1. A crustacean larva that has three pairs of locomotive organs (corresponding to antennules, antennae, and mandibles), a median eye, and little or no segmentation of the body.
    • 2001, Naureen A. Qureshi, Nancy N. Rabalais, 4: Distribution of Zooplankton on a Seasonally Hypoxic Continental Shelf, Nancy N. Rabalais, R. Eugene Turner (editors), Coastal Hypoxia: Consequences for Living Resources and Ecosystems, page 72,
      The copepod nauplii concentrations were significantly different among stations and by depth (Appendices 3 and 4).
    • 2003, Donald I. Williamson, The Origins of Larvae, page 172,
      I suggest that several species of nauplioids hybridized with representatives of several groups of arthropods to give them nauplius larvae.
    • 2007, Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN, Improving Penaeus monodon hatchery practices: Manual based on experience in India, FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 446, page 47,
      Only nauplii that are attracted to the light at the top of the hatching tank should be collected, since these are the healthy ones.

Derived terms[edit]