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From nephew +‎ -in-law.


nephew-in-law (plural nephews-in-law)

  1. Someone's niece's husband
  2. Someone's nephew's husband (where same-sex marriage is recognised)
    1. Someone's sibling's son-in-law
      1. Someone's brother's son-in-law. (fraternal nephew-in-law)
      2. Someone's sister's son-in-law. (sororal nephew-in-law)
    2. Someone's spouse's sibling's son-in-law
      1. Someone's wife's brother's son-in-law.
      2. Someone's wife's sister's son-in-law.
      3. Someone's husband's brother's son-in-law.
      4. Someone's husband's sister's son-in-law.
  3. (rare) Someone's spouse's nephew.
    1. Someone's husband's nephew. (Usually called a nephew.)
    2. Someone's wife's nephew. (Usually called a nephew.)



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