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nerd +‎ -ling


nerdling (plural nerdlings)

  1. (slang, sometimes pejorative) A young or unimportant nerd.
    • 2010, Ken Denmead, Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share, Gotham Books (2010), ISBN 9781101404317, unnumbered page:
      I have merely scratched the surface of life with your nerdling.
    • 2010, Simon Pegg, Nerd Do Well, Arrow Books (2011), ISBN 9780099551553, page 54:
      To a nerdling it was appealing for obvious reasons — ghosts, time travel and moderate violence - but I think there were probably deeper emotions at work within me.
    • 2011, Christopher Schwarz, The Workbench Design Book: The Art & Philosophy of Building Better Benches, F+W Media (2011), ISBN 9781440311321, page 209:
      When I was a young nerdling, I loved the video game “Ultima” – not because of the raping and the pillaging, but because you spent most of your time exploring a huge map of the world.