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neuro- +‎ pin


neuropin (plural neuropins)

  1. (medicine) A device used to quantify pain, especially in relation to diabetes.
    • 2007, Douglas C. Macdonald, Philip Kelly (MRCP.), Thomas Powles, Success in PACES, 2nd edition:
      The small diameter fibres are best tested asking the patient to distinguish between the blunt and sharp end of a neuro-pin.
    • 2009, Carol Cox, Physical Assessment for Nurses:
      With the patient's eyes open, touch the sharp end of the neurostick / neuropin on the skin.
    • 2009, Ciaran Scott Hill, The Pocket Examiner: A quick medical reference guide for use on the ward:
      Offer to test pain sensation. Use a sterile 'neuropin' and randomly alternate between the blunt and sharp ends.