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Blend of neverending +‎ referendum. Coined by Canadian writer Josh Freed in the context of repeated referenda on the secession of Quebec.[1]



neverendum (plural neverendums or neverenda)

  1. A series of referenda on the same issue held in an attempt to achieve an unpopular result.
    • 1998, Pierre Desrochers, Eric Duhaime, 10: A Secessionist's View of Quebec's Options, David Gordon (editor), Secession, State, and Liberty, page 239,
      Another "neverendum" (as Canadian nationalists call this process) on Quebec's secession is planned before the year 2000.
    • 1999, David Schneiderman, The Quebec Decision: Perspectives on the Supreme Court Ruling on Secession, page 123,
      And so, the neverendum marches on. This is good news for the Liberals but bad news for Canada.
    • 2012, Henry McLeish, Scotland: The Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas, page 116,
      This is the Québécois scenario of the ‘neverendum’, which could be replicated in Scotland: the voters park their ideology and values at the elections to the Holyrood Parliament and elect an SNP or SNP coalition government, but vote differently at Westminster elections.


  1. ^ 1995, Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs, University of Toronto Press, page 139 — Josh Freed, the award-winning humorist of the Montreal Gazette, coined a new word to be added to the Quebec lexicon: the ‘neverendum.’