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See also: nhất, nhật, and Nhật


Alternative forms[edit]

  • (Northern Vietnam) nhợt
  • (Central Vietnam, Southern Vietnam) lạt
  • (Central Vietnam, Southern Vietnam) lợt


From Proto-Vietic *m-laːc (tasteless). See also lạt and nhợt.



nhạt (𤁕, )

  1. (of flavor) tasteless or bland
  2. (of something that is supposed to be entertaining) bland; lame; weak; feeble
    câu đùa nhạt nhẽo/nhạt thếchan unfunny joke
    câu đùa nhạt như nước ốcan unfunny joke (literally, “a joke as bland as the liquid coming out of boiled/steamed snails”)
  3. (of color) light; pale
    xanh nhạtlight grue

Usage notes[edit]

  • In Northern Vietnamese, nhạt is used for all three senses. In Central and Southern Vietnamese, the variant lạt is only used to refer to the lack of flavor, while nhạt is for "bland, boring, lame". For "light, pale (of color)", Central and Southern Vietnamese use nhạt and lợt, Northern Vietnamese uses nhạt and nhợt.
Flavor Jokes, stories, etc. Color
Northern nhạt nhạt nhạt, nhợt
Central-Southern lạt nhạt nhạt, lợt

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