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nigger +‎ -less


niggerless ‎(not comparable)

  1. (offensive, ethnic slur) Without a nigger or niggers.
    • Wade
      The question will be, shall we give niggers to the niggerless, or lands to the landless?
    • 1838, Edgar Allan Poe, A Predicament
      Dogless, niggerless, headless, what now remains for the unhappy Signora Psyche Zenobia?
    • 1988, John Kenny Crane, The Yoknapatawpha Chronicle of Gavin Stevens (page 240)
      Jason Compson, now motherless and niggerless but not Benjy-less [1933], converted the old Compson place into apartments and sold it to a local man as a boarding house, renting one apartment back in which to house Benjy []