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From no + plural of worry (concern, cause for anxiety), but used flexibly.


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no worries

  1. (especially Australia, UK, New Zealand, colloquial) A general injunction not to be concerned further with a subject.
    1. It does not bother me; I am not concerned.
      Sorry if my music's bothering you.No worries. I really like classical.
    2. It was no problem; not at all; you're welcome.
      Thanks for the lovely bowl of fruit.No worries, my sister runs a stall at the market.
    3. Do not worry, I will do it.
      I need this done by closing time.No worries, I'll have it sorted.

Usage notes[edit]

Essentially an injunction not to be concerned further with the subject. It may be used as a stand-alone utterance, for example, as a response to a request, in answer to an expression of concern, or to an apology.



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