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nominotypical (not comparable)

  1. (zoology, botany) Of a subspecies, nominate, having a name which repeats the species name, designating that it represents the originally described population.
    Motacilla alba alba is the nominotypical subspecies of the white wagtail (Motacilla alba).
  2. (zoology, botany) Of a subgenus or other infrageneric taxa, having a name which repeats the genus name, indicating that it includes the type species. For older botanical subgeneric and sectional names, it is sometimes prefixed with Eu-.
    • 2002, Ross H. Arnett, JR, Michael C. Thomas, Paul E. Skelley, J. Howard Frank, American Beetles, Volume II, page 646:
      Four species of the nominotypical subgenus are positively recorded from America north of Mexico... [referring to Physonota (Physonota) arizonae and three other species]