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Alternative forms[edit]


nondimensional +‎ -ization.


nondimensionalization (countable and uncountable, plural nondimensionalizations)

  1. (physics, engineering) The partial or full removal of units from an equation involving physical quantities by a suitable substitution of variables, in order, for example, to simplify and parameterize problems where measured units are involved.
    • 2010, Brian J. Kirby, Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, page 440,
      This appendix outlines the role of several key dimensional and nondimensional parameters in micro- and nanoscale fluid mechanics that come from nondimensionalization of governing equations. A key advantage of nondimensionalization is that it leads to a compact description of flow parameters (i.e., ) and thus leads to generalization. Nondimensionalization can be a powerful tool, but it is useful only if implemented with insight into the physics of the problems.
    • 2015, Russell M. Cummings, William H. Mason, Scott A. Morton, David R. McDaniel, Applied Computational Aerodynamics, Cambridge University Press, page 118,
      Each computer code will have a set of reference nondimensionalizations similar to these; a specific example is given in Section 3.5.3.
    • 2015, Martin Bauer, Florian Schornbaum, Christian Godenschwager, Matthias Markl, Daniela Anderl, Harald Köstler, Ulrich Rüde, “A Python Extension for the Massively Parallel Multiphysics Simulation Framework waLBerla”, in arXiv[1]:
      We show how our Python interface outperforms the existing text-file-based configuration mechanism, providing features like automatic nondimensionalization of physical quantities and handling of complex parameter dependencies.


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