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Blend of non- +‎ conversation.


nonversation (countable and uncountable, plural nonversations)

  1. A meaningless conversation.
    • 1997, Andrew Field, Nabokov, His Life In Part, page 22:
      There is always a bit of jovial nonversation at the newsstand.
    • 2004, Brian Dobbins, chapter 2, in Jasmine's Husband, Sam, page 14:
      Oh, God, thought Hadley. This "nonversation" can't go on much longer.
    • 2008, Maxim Jakubowski, Paris Noir: Capital Crime Fiction, page 266:
      As Bruce was somewhat taken aback by this turn in the nonversation, as a witty friend used to term the appropriately uneven match of social skills, he simply asked why.