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noon +‎ mark


noonmark (plural noonmarks)

  1. A mark made on a structure to align with the sun at noon for the purpose of timekeeping.
    • 1902, W H Chaney; J Lawson Hall, The Astrologer's Vade Mecum, OCLC 8013950.
      ... according to the rule for computing a noonmark...
    • 1905, Emma Bell Miles, The Spirit of the Mountains, →ISBN.
      She'd change the noonmark in the door so'st Mis' Beaver wouldn't start to git dinner till way past the hour, and she'd throw ashes in the butter.
    • 1969, Mary Earle Gould, When we were Young, OCLC 10636
      ...the noonmark on the window ledge which may be seen today on some old houses still standing.
  2. The time of noon.
    • 1867, Record of the Golden Wedding of Rev. George Duffield, D.D. and Isabella Graham Bethune Duffield, OCLC 4619076
      By that big clock the sun itself is set,
      He gets to noonmark by it even yet
    • 1999, Joanne Bertin, The Last Dragonlord, →ISBN.
      During the noonmark break from the council meeting, Linden decided to wander out to the garden...

Alternative forms[edit]