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Catalan ordinal numbers
 <  93è 94è 95è  > 
    Cardinal : noranta-quatre
    Ordinal : noranta-quatrè


From noranta-quatre ‎(ninety-four) + ‎(ordinal suffix)


noranta-quatrè m ‎(feminine noranta-quatrena, masculine plural noranta-quatrens, feminine plural noranta-quatrenes)

  1. (ordinal) ninety-fourth

Usage notes[edit]

When noranta-quatrè is the ordinal number of a century or of a regnal name of a monarch or pope, it is written using Roman numerals following the noun. Thus Joan Noranta-quatrè is written Joan XCIV.

For most fractional numbers, the ordinal number is used to indicate the denominator of the fraction. The ordinal noranta-quatrè is used to indicate this denominator just as the corresponding English ordinal would be. Exceptions to this rule include mig ‎(half), terç ‎(third), quarter ‎(quarter), milionèsim ‎(millionth), bilionèsim ‎(billionth), ....

The feminine form of the ordinal is usually used as the collective noun for a set of like objects of that size. Exceptions to the usual rule include parell ‎(set of 2), qüern ‎(set of 4), centenar ‎(set of 100), grossa ‎(set of 144), miler ‎(set of 1000), and milenar ‎(1000).