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  1. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon) Initialism of neutral point of view - the guideline of all Wikipedia and Wiktionary articles.
    • 2007, Juha Suoranta & Tere Vadén, "From Social to Socialist Media: The Critical Potential of the Wikiworld", in Peter McLaren & Joe L. Kincheloe (eds.), Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now?, Peter Lang, 147.
      The NPOV is self-consciously a view, not the absence of all views.
    • 2008, Axel Bruns, Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage, Peter Lang, 120.
      Similarly, it is also important to understand the fundamental operation of NPOV in full detail: contrary to the synthesis commonly required for the coverage of topics in conventional encyclopedias, NPOV does not require the establishment of a universally accepted consensus description of the topic at hand—a kind of graveyard peace between opposing factions, achieved through arrival at a compromise which satisfies no one and omits any controversial points not acceptable to one of the participants.
    • 2015, June Jamrich Parsons, New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2016, Comprehensive, Cengage Learning, 18th ed., 332.
      Content creators and editors are encouraged to filter material through a sieve of strict standards known to insiders as NPOV, NOR, RS, and V.

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