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From nub +‎ -y. Compare knobby.



nubby (comparative nubbier, superlative nubbiest)

  1. Knobbly; covered with small knobs.
    • 2007, Marie Clayton, The Ultimate A to Z Companion to 1,001 Needlecraft Terms:
      noil A type of silk, sometimes incorrectly called raw silk, with a nubby feel and a low sheen.
  2. Nub-like, resembling a small bump or protrusion; stubby.
    • 2010, John Leigh Walters, A Very Capable Life: The Autobiography of Zarah Petri, page 170:
      Now we are sitting in a circle and each is given a stenographer's pad, the kind with the spring spine, and a nubby pencil, a pencil of quarter size so it can't be used as a weapon [...]