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Clark's Nutcracker, a species of genus Nucifraga
A nutcracker style bottled cocktail


nut +‎ cracker


nutcracker (plural nutcrackers)

  1. An implement for cracking nuts.
  2. (ornithology) Either of two birds of the genus Nucifraga in the crow family.
  3. (US, New York City) A bootleg mixed drink made from a blend of alcohols and fruit juices.
    • 2019 August 17, Aaron Randle, “Banned on the Beach? It’s Still Nutcracker Summer”, in New York Times[1]:
      The colorful bottles have popped up every summer in black and Hispanic communities — from the bodegas of Washington Heights to the stoops of Fort Greene — since the early 1990s. On beach boardwalks, at neighborhood basketball courts and block parties, New Yorkers are drinking nutcrackers, boozy homespun cocktails made from a blend of alcohol and fruit juices.

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