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From Middle English okome, from Old English ācumba ‎(oakum, literally that which has been combed out, off-combings), a derivative of ācemban ‎(to comb out), from Proto-Germanic *uz- + *kambijaną ‎(to comb), from Proto-Indo-European *uds-, *ūd- ‎(out) + Proto-Indo-European *ǵombʰ-, *ǵembʰ- ‎(tooth, nail; to pierce, gnaw through). More at out, comb.


oakum ‎(countable and uncountable, plural oakums)

  1. A material, consisting of tarred fibres, used to caulk or pack joints in plumbing, masonry, and wooden shipbuilding.
  2. The coarse portion separated from flax or hemp in hackling.
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