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Ochl- (mob-) (from Ancient Greek ὄχλος (ókhlos, mob)) + -agogy (-leading, -leadership), on the pattern of demagogy.



ochlagogy (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Manipulation of a mob by use of inflammatory rhetoric, casting opprobrium, and by appeal to the lowest common denominator generally; extreme and wholly unscrupulous demagogy; the practice of an ochlagogue.
    • 1962: Cecil John Ellington and A. G. Russell of the Classical Association (Great Britain), Greece and Rome, “Peripatos: The Athenian Philosophical Scene — II”, page 21 (The Clarendon Press)
      One can imagine what Epicurus would have thought of the ochlagogy of Herodes Atticus and his contemporaries, and the noisy demonstrations which it evoked.

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