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octodecillion (plural octodecillions)

  1. (US; modern British & Australian, short scale, rare) 1057.
    • 1962, David Bergamini, The Universe, Time-Life Books, Google Books considers page number to be top-secret
      The reason is that the rays created in the core are softened on their outward journey by being handled by the octodecillion-odd atoms of gas outside the core that are part of the sun but play no part in the central fusions.
    • 2004, Alan Sondheim, The Wayward, →ISBN, page 138
      How many Stars Shine on Tiny Jennifer’s Hair? ... Two million, three hundred and forty nine thousand, eight hundred seventy five vigintillion, seven hundred fifty four novemdecillion, five hundred forty three octodecillion, four hundred fifty seven septendecillion...
    • 2004, Jay Carty, Darrell Waltrip (co-author), Darrell Waltrip One-On-One, The Faith That Took Him to the Finish Line, Gospel Light Publishing, →ISBN, “Day 23”, unpaged
      the odds on the development of a polypeptide, which is a protein building block, is 6 times 10 to the 57th power, or 600 octodecillion, to 1.
  2. (dated British & Australian, long scale, rare) 10108.


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