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oeno- +‎ -phobia


oenophobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear or hatred of wine; anxiety related to wine.
    • 1997 February 17, Tony Hendra, “Best Cellars”, in New York, page 48:
      You open it randomly, hit several pages devoted to "Cote de Nuits" alone, and go into advanced hypertensive oenophobia (wine-sticker shock).
    • 2006 October 3, Larry Lipson, “Wineline For The Republic Of Sauvignon Blanc Fanciers”, in Daily News, Los Angeles:
      A new wine club called 600 Grapes asks us if we suffer from "oenophobia" -- a fear of wine.
    • 2007 November 14, Karen Page, Andrew Dornenburg, “With These Strategies, Pick Your Pour”, in The Washington Post:
      Even avid wine lovers can be struck with a temporary case of oenophobia -- fear of wine -- around Thanksgiving.