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Alternative forms[edit]


From off- +‎ coming. Compare incoming, oncoming, upcoming, etc.


offcoming (comparative more offcoming, superlative most offcoming)

  1. coming or casting off; retiring, shedding, detaching or emitting
    • 1994, Jerry P. Byers, Metalworking Fluids:
      Heterogeneous reactions involving the offcoming vapors are accelerated or retarded.
    • 2003, M. Hill Goodspeed, U.S. Navy: A Complete History:
      The workday began at first light and continued until evening twilight. The men first stored their hammocks, then went about sweeping and swabbing down the decks. Breakfast was timed so as to feed the ongoing watch and then the offcoming watch.
    • 2006, Giovanni Andreazzi, Fairy Tales and Sea Stories:
      And when I was done washing all the on-going shift's dirty dishes, I had to start all over again with the off-coming shift and the rest of the crew.

Related terms[edit]