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From Proto-Finnic *oikeda.


oikea  (comparative oikeampi, superlative oikein)

  1. right (opposite of left)
    Käytä oikeaa kättäsi.
    Use your right hand.
  2. right, correct (morally good, acceptable; free from error, true; opposite of wrong)
    Se oli oikea vastaus.
    It was a correct answer.
    Annen vastaus on oikeampi kuin minun.
    Anne's answer more correct than mine.
  3. appropriate, proper, fitting
  4. real, true
  5. just, fair

Usage notes[edit]

  • The superlatives oikein and väärin are rarely appropriate, because right and wrong are often understood as absolutes, and because of the homonymy with much more frequently used adverbs. People tend to circumvent them by saying eniten väärä, lähinnä oikeaa and eniten oikea, choosing another adjective if available (e.g. kiero, oikeanpuoleinen, oikeellinen) or using kaikista as determiner.




  • (right (opposite of left)): vasen
  • (right, correct (opposite of wrong)): väärä

Derived terms[edit]