olla omillaan

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olla (to be) + omilla (adessive plural of "oma") + possessive suffix; literally "to be on one's own"


olla omillaan

  1. to break even (to neither gain nor lose money)
    Pelattuani koko illan pokeria olin lähes omillani.
    After an entire night playing poker, I nearly broke even.


  • omillaan is not inflected, but it requires a possessive suffix
  • omillani (1st person sg.)
  • omillasi (2nd person sg.)
  • omillaan, omillansa (3rd person sg.)
  • omillamme (1st person pl.)
  • omillanne (2nd person pl.)
  • omillaan, omillansa (3rd person pl.)
  • omillaan comes before the verb in participle and infinitive forms, and in other forms it comes after the verb, e.g. olen omillani, omillaan oleva