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one-to-one (comparative more one-to-one, superlative most one-to-one)

  1. Matching each member of one set with exactly one member of another set.
    There is a one-to-one relationship between days with large cash shortages and his workdays.
  2. (chiefly UK) Involving direct communication between two people.
    a one-to-one discussion
    a one-to-one teaching session
  3. (mathematics, of a function) Injective, being an injection: having the property that no two elements of the domain are mapped to the same image.


  • (involving direct communication): one-on-one (North America)

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one-to-one (plural one-to-ones)

  1. A personal relationship between two people.


  • (personal relationship between two people): 121, 1-2-1