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oppia (to learn), oppi (knowledge, science) > opi- +‎ -nto


opinnot pl

  1. studies (academic field of study concerning a given subject)
    Poikaystäväni suorittaa mediaopintoja.
    My boyfriend is taking media studies.


Inflection of opinnot (Kotus type 1*J/valo, nt-nn gradation)
nominative opinnot
genitive opintojen
partitive opintoja
illative opintoihin
singular plural
nominative opinnot
accusative nom. opinnot
genitive opintojen
partitive opintoja
inessive opinnoissa
elative opinnoista
illative opintoihin
adessive opinnoilla
ablative opinnoilta
allative opinnoille
essive opintoina
translative opinnoiksi
instructive opinnoin
abessive opinnoitta
comitative opintoineen
Possessive forms of opinnot (type valo)
possessor singular plural
1st person opintoni opintomme
2nd person opintosi opintonne
3rd person opintonsa

Usage notes[edit]

This term appears in singular in compound terms; see opinto-.