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“Elven Star” heptagram sometimes used as an emblem of the otherkin subculture
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Alternative forms[edit]


other +‎ -kin.


otherkin (plural otherkin)

  1. (Internet) A person who claims or believes that their soul, essence, or identity is non-human.
    • 2000, Des'tai, Cara, “The Internet goes mythic”, in Fate:
      It appears that many otherkin are unaware of what makes them different. They just know they are not normal humans.
    • 2014, James Vaughan, When Death Calls, →ISBN:
      A close friend of mine turned out to be otherkin as well, and I added her to the group so she could discover who she is.
    • 2016 August 4, Callie Beusman, “'I Look at a Cloud and I See It as Me': The People Who Identify As Objects”, in Broadly:
      In addition to the otherkin identify as animals, there are some who identify as mythical creatures, like dragons, fairies, or vampires; fictionkin, who identify as fictional characters, frequently from anime series or videogames; weatherkin, like Marco, who identify as weather systems; conceptkin, who identify as abstract concepts; spacekin, who identify as celestial bodies; and several other even more obscure categories (musickin, timeperiodkin—the list goes on).