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From oui via dialectal variants; also possibly from oyez

Before becoming an informal synonym of oui, the word was exclamatory. According to Auguste Scheler, it could be linked to Indo-European roots: οὐαί (ouaí) in Greek, vae in Latin, uau in Portuguese, wow in English, wau in German, guau in Spanish or vai in Romanian.




  1. (obsolete) wow
    Synonyms: waouh, ouah
    • Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris, 1832
      Ouais! dit le roi en se grattant l'oreille gauche avec la main droite, cela fait un bon bout de ma ville !
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  2. whoo (expresses joy)
    Ouais, on a gagné !Whoo, we / they won!
  3. (informal) yeah, yep, yup
    Synonyms: oui, mouais, yes
    T’as eu ton bac alors ? — Ouais, tranquille.
    You've got your baccalaureate then? Yeah, no problem.