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From oui via dialectal variants; also possibly from oyez
Before becoming an informal synonym of oui, the word was exclamatory. According to Auguste Scheler, it could be linked to Indo-European roots: οὐαί (ouaí) in Greek, vae in Latin, uau in Portuguese, wow in English, wau in German, guau in Spanish or vai in Romanian.




  1. (obsolete) wow
    Ouais! dit le roi en se grattant l'oreille gauche avec la main droite, cela fait un bon bout de ma ville ! (Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris, 1832)
  2. (expresses joy) whoo
    Ouais, on a gagné !
  3. (informal) yeah, yep, yup
    - T’as eu ton bac alors ? - Ouais, tranquille.