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out-and-out (not comparable) (used only before a noun, attributively)

  1. Complete, utter.
    He is an out-and-out idiot.
    out-and-out lie
    • 1998, Douglas Adams, speech at Cambridge, UK. [1]
      I'm sure most of the people in this room will share the same view, but even as an out-and-out atheist one can't help noticing that the role of a god has had an enormously profound impact on human history over many, many centuries.
  2. (animal husbandry) thoroughly cross-bred; a breeding strategy esp. with poultry where new roosters are circulated yearly to maintain a mongrel flock.
    For my own part I would sooner eat bread-and-cheese and know myself the possessor of an out-and-out horse, than sell him for the privilege of dining with the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen every day in the year.
    • 1840, The Sporting Magazine, May 1840, Vol XXI Second Series