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overchallenge (third-person singular simple present overchallenges, present participle overchallenging, simple past and past participle overchallenged)

  1. (transitive) To challenge to an excessive degree.
    • 2011, Karen L. Fingerman, Handbook of Life-Span Development
      For example, if a mother consistently overchallenges her child and responds negatively to the child's failures to meet her standards, the child will develop low confidence in her own ability and feel discouraged to take up new challenges.


overchallenge (plural overchallenges)

  1. Challenge that is too difficult.
    • 2003, Paula Kramer, ‎Jim Hinojosa, ‎Charlotte Brasic Royeen, Perspectives in Human Occupation: Participation in Life
      An overchallenge involves an imbalance, such that the level of difficulty in the occupational form exceeds the competencies in the developmental structure.