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From Middle English oversitten (to gain possession of), from Old English ofersittan (to occupy, possess; forbear), from Proto-Germanic *uber (over) + *sitjaną (to sit), corresponding to over- +‎ sit.


oversit (third-person singular simple present oversits, present participle oversitting, simple past and past participle oversat)

  1. To preside over, govern, rule; to control
  2. To conquer, gain control or owndom of
    • 1903, Robert Smith Surtees, Handley Cross[1]:
      Let me, however, entreat of you, above all things, to remember my ball, and do not let them oversit the thing so as not to get to it.
  3. To grasp, comprehend; to understand
    • 2008, Joseph Hennaleigh, The Spirit of Morph Code[2], →ISBN:
      To Oversit Is to Understand
  4. (archaic) To neglect, omit; to desist, refrain from, forbear
    • 1881, Thomas Edward Bridgett, History of the Holy Eucharist in Great Britain[3]:
      And he greatly reproaches those who ' forget or oversit the time of housel,' []
  5. (archaic) To overstay, outstay, overlinger
  6. (slang, humorous) To be misunderstood; to misread, misunderstand
    Nobody understands me, they all oversit me.

Related terms[edit]