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A serving table with ovolo corners
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Alternative forms[edit]


From Italian, from Latin ovum (egg). Doublet of ovule.


ovolo (plural ovolos)

  1. (architecture) A classical convex moulding carved with an egg-and-dart ornament.
    • 2001, Adolfo J. Domínguez, Carmen Sánchez, Gocha R. Tsetskhladze (editor), Greek Pottery from the Iberian Peninsula: Archaic and Classical Periods, page 196,
      Decoration inside: six linked palmettes with 9 petals around a band of ovolos between incised lines, surrounded by 13 palmettes linked around a band of ovolos.
    • 2005, Robert Chitham, The Classical Orders Of Architecture, 2nd Edition, page 76,
      Each of the pairs is connected by a kind of web, and each pair stands clear of the ovolo and astragal mouldings which form a kind of extension to the column shaft and complete the essential construction of the capital. Ovolo and astragal are enriched with egg and dart and bead and reel respectively, the setting out related to a fluting pattern of twenty-four flutes to the column shaft circumference, as shown on the plan.
    • 2008, Roy Underhill, Eleanor Underhill, The Woodwright′s Guide: Working Wood With Wedge and Edge, page 112,
      Using a template or a good eye to guide the paring chisel, slice off the corners of the tenon ovolos at 45 degrees.


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Alternative forms[edit]


Diminutive of ovo, uovo (egg).


  • IPA(key): /ˈɔ.vo.lo/
  • Hyphenation: ò‧vo‧lo


ovolo m (plural ovoli)

  1. (mycology) Caesar's mushroom (Amanita caesarea)
    Synonyms: cocco, ovolo buono
  2. (botany) A rounded lump or protuberance at the base of a plant.
  3. (architecture) ovolo
  4. (rare) An object shaped like a small egg.

Derived terms[edit]


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