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oxish +‎ -ly.



oxishly (comparative more oxishly, superlative most oxishly)

  1. (rare) In a manner like that of an ox.
    • 1925, Aldous Huxley, “Wander-birds”, in Along the Road: Notes and Essays of a Tourist, London: Chatto & Windus, OCLC 806315003, part I (Travel in General), page 29:
      The shy young man gazed like a calf, blushed when she looked at him, smiled oxishly when she talked, and forgot to eat his dinner.
    • 2009, Adam Roberts, chapter 9, in Yellow Blue Tibia, London: Gollancz, →ISBN, page 114:
      He blinked at us, yawned oxishly, and went out again.
    • 2017 July 31, Debi Moore, quoting Benjamin Percy, “Guest Post: Benjamin Percy Faces His Digital Demons for The Dark Net”, in Dread Central[1], archived from the original on 29 September 2017:
      I saw The Exorcist when I was thirteen, and I’ve never really recovered from Regan’s grinning gray-green face. The oxishly horned devil in Legend mesmerized me.