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oxymoronic +‎ -ness


oxymoronicness (uncountable)

  1. (nonce word, rare, nonstandard) The state, quality or measure of being oxymoronic.
    • 1997 April 6, emesone [username], “re:somebody needs an education”, in rec.audio.opinion, Usenet[1]:
      Don't they see the oxymoronicness of bitching on and on and on how they care not about what I post?
    • 1998, Harry Levy, Chain of Custody, Fawcett Crest (1999), ISBN 9780449004494, page 163:
      All I remember saying is, "My pleasure," and being struck by its oxymoronicness.
    • 2001, Steve White, Family Vacations & Other Hazards of Growing Up, Chloe Press (2001), ISBN 9780967909288, page 19:
      The oxymoronicness (deluded writers are allowed to make up stupid words) of vacation with your family is also affected by Variable 2: Your own Personal Irritation Factor.
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