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From the initials of piss off, and -ed.



p.o.'ed (comparative more p.o.'ed, superlative most p.o.'ed)

  1. (slang) Annoyed, exasperated, angry; Euphemistic form of pissed off.
    • 1993, Sandra Canfield, Just Married,[1] Harlequin Sales Corporation (Mm), ISBN 0373832583, page 17,
      Little Miss Born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-her-mouth—hell, she’d been born with an entire service for eight!—was annoyed with him. Ten to one, she was p.o.’ed because he was late.
    • a. 2002, Lee Katz, as quoted in Aljean Harmetz, The Making of Casablanca: Bogart, Bergman, and World War II,[2] Hyperion (2002), ISBN 0-7868-8814-8, page 87,
      Lee Katz, who wrote The Return of Dr. X and nearly a dozen other B movies at Warner Bros. in the late thirties, feels “particularly guilty” about that movie. “Jack Warner was p.o.’ed at Bogie for something or other,” says Katz, “and he forced him to take this role as the mad doctor. And Bogart did it with as good grace[sic] as he could have done.”
    • 2003, William Rawlings, The Lazard Legacy,[3] Harbor House, ISBN 1891799231, page 143,
      “Yeah, Carswell…, he was p.o.’ed, too. I remember I ended up that weekend with everybody mad at me—Doc Lazard, Carswell, and now it looks like the widow Jennings, too.”