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From Lollapalooza, a music festival, from lallapalooza


palooza (plural paloozas)

  1. (neologism) An exaggerated event.
    • 2002, Darin Strauss, The Real McCoy, A Novel, Dutton, →ISBN, page 97
      It was not a rumor, not merely news item, or talk, or fad. It became a palooza beyond even Johnnie Gold’s desires—a wonderment scattering far and wide out of the spacious mouth of the sky, billowing everywhere and expanding forever.
    • 2003, Mike Olszewski, Radio Daze, Stories from the Front in Cleveland's FM Air Wars, Kent State University Press, →ISBN, page 434
      True, most of our competition did anything and everything to thwart every concert and promotion we were involved with over the summer months...especially Buzzard-Palooza (which was actually our turning point—when we began to attract our new audience).
    • 2005, John Lithgow, “Boredom Blasters”, “Rainy Day Fun Edition”, Running Press, →ISBN, page 5
      That’s a palooza, in a nutshell: flexing your creative muscles to make your own fun. So have a go at one or all of these, and don’t say I didn’t warn you—once you get a taste of doing a palooza, you’ll go from wondering what you’re going to do all day to wondering where all the time went!
    • 2008 February 9, Peter Sagal, Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me!, National Public Radio
      Now, we’re gonna start you off this week with a special edition of Carl Kasell’s Countdown. We’re calling it “Super Tuesday Palooza”.

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