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From pan- +‎ gamic


pangamic (not comparable)

  1. (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to pangamic acid or its derivatives.
    • 1982, Marsh Morrison, Doctor Morrison's Amazing Healing Foods: With Miracle Health Promoter M:
      Alfalfa tea was added to her fare and it helped further, then rice water because of its pangamic content — all these drinks just warm and never drunk hot, or taken cool if desired and without fail sipped slowly, not gulped down the throat.
  2. (eugenics, obsolete) Mating in an indiscriminate or random manner.
    • 1897, Manie Sands, The opposites of the universe: or, Light and shade, good and bad, love and hate, glad and sad[1], page 58:
      Yes, there is, in the pangamic system of marriage.
    • 1907, Eugene Davenport, Principles of breeding[2], page 536:
      [] which means that in the case of pangamic mating the variability is reduced only about 11 per cent by selecting the entire ancestry.
    • 1908, James Fowler Tocher, Pigmentation Survey of School Children in Scotland, page 65:
      The chances of conjugal union of persons of the same colour class, if the mating occurs at random or is pangamic, are greater than if they lived all together as one group in a densely populated town.
    • 1921, Radhakamal Mukerjee, Principles of Comparative Economics, volume 1, page 220:
      The attempt at conscious selection and segregation, especially in the presence of heterogeneous social strata, which intensified the risks of pangamic or indiscriminate mating, need not be condemned off-hand []

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