pappa betalar

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  • IPA(key): /ˈpaˌpa bɛˈtɑːlar/


pappa betalar

  1. dad pays
    • Mikael Mölstad, "Vaskning och traskning – och nu blir det maskning", in Svenska Dagbladet, July 25, 2011.
      Eftersom krogarna stoppade champagnesprutandet bestämde pappa-betalar-gossarna att de skulle visa sin rikedom genom att låta personalen slå ut en extra flaska champagne i vasken.
      Because the pubs ended the champagne spraying, the pampered rich boys (lit. "dad-pays boys") determined that they should show off their wealth by letting the staff pour out an extra bottle of champagne into the sink.

Usage notes[edit]

This is a common derogatory expression used by Swedish-speakers referring to young people whose well-off parents pay for their lifestyle of liberal spending, often in reference to a perceived naïveté on their part. The phrase is also used as a way of expressing "sugar daddy pays" when a man pays for the luxurious lifestyle of his lover.

Some Finnish-speakers also use this Swedish phrase, often with the added meaning that the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland supposedly come from rich families.