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papule +‎ -o- +‎ pustule.


papulopustule (plural papulopustules)

  1. (medicine) A small, raised, semisolid skin lesion, representing an intermediate stage between a papule and a pustule.
    • 1893, James Nevins Hyde, A Practical treatise on diseases of the skin, for the use of students and practitioners:
      According to Boeck, the hue of the papulopustule is due to minute capillary hæmorrhages, which later become invisible in consequence of the tumefaction of the overlying integument.
    • 1896, Twentieth century practice
      The most common of the eruptive symptoms induced are papulopustule lesions usually discrete, rarely confluent, seen on the face, neck, shoulders, and upper extremities.
    • 1902, Henry M. Dearborn, Diseases of the skin: their symptomatology, etiology and diagnosis, with special reference to principles of treatment including full indications for drug remedies
      Accidental inoculation of an abrasion, cut or open follicle of the skin with virus from a dead body may give rise to the rapid production at the site of poisoning of vesico-papule, papulopustule, furuncle, tubercle, wart or hemorrhagic bleb; or there may be little or no local disturbance, with a rapid development of septicæmia or glandular enlargement.
    • 1976, Günter Waldemar Korting, R. Denk, Differential diagnosis in dermatology, W.B. Saunders Company
      The area is covered with a watchglass held in place by a bandage; in a positive case a papulopustule will develop within 24 to 72 hours, and it will then be easy to demonstrate Ducrey bacilli.
    • 1995, Neal S. Penneys, Skin Manifestations Of Aids, Second Edition, CRC Press (→ISBN), page 160
      The primary lesion appears to be a papulopustule which affects the follicle.
    • 1998, John C. Maize, Cutaneous Pathology
      Pyoderma gangrenosum begins as a small papulopustule that expands to form nodules and plaques.
    • 2012, G. Plewig, A.M. Kligman, ACNE and ROSACEA, Springer Science & Business Media (→ISBN), page 158
      An old closed comedo has been shattered at various points along the epithelial lining and is now a papulopustule.
    • 2015, Mahmoud Sakr, Clinical Surgery, JP Medical Ltd (→ISBN), page 399
      It is due to a true diphtheritic infection by Corynbacterium diphtheriae, which commences as a papulopustule; within a few days, the top of the papule becomes necrotic and an ulcer forms and the ulcer slowly enlarges, until it attains a diameter of 1–2 cm.
    • 2017, Jean L. Bolognia, Julie V. Schaffer, Lorenzo Cerroni, Dermatology E-Book, Elsevier Health Sciences (→ISBN)
      The lesions of PG usually begin as a tender papulopustule with surrounding erythematous or violaceous induration, an erythematous nodule, or a bulla on a violaceous base; the papulopustule may be follicular.

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