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From Middle French parallaxe, from Ancient Greek παράλλαξις(parállaxis, alteration) from παραλλάσσω(parallássō, cause to alternate) from αλλάσσω(allássō, alter) from ἄλλος(állos, other).


parallax ‎(plural parallaxes)

  1. An apparent shift in the position of two stationary objects relative to each other as viewed by an observer, due to a change in observer position.
    • 2008, Bernard Perron, ‎Mark J. P. Wolf, The Video Game Theory Reader 2 (page 157)
      Planes farther back on the z-axis scroll more slowly than those in front of them, producing a parallax effect. Early games with parallax scrolling tended to have their action taking place all in the forefront plane []
  2. The angle of seeing of the astronomical unit.

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