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Borrowed from a Dravidian language (Malayalam പായസം (pāyasaṃ), Telugu పాయసం (pāyasaṃ)), from Sanskrit पायस (pāyasa), from पयस् (páyas, milk).


payasam (uncountable)

  1. kheer (South Asian rice pudding)
    • 2003, David Abram, ‎Nick Edwards, The Rough Guide to South India (page 375)
      There are several varieties of payasam, including lentil payasam, jack-fruit payasam, and the rich apapradhaman payasam, which comes with rice wafers.
    • 2010, Susan Visvanathan, The Children of Nature: The Life and Legacy of Ramana Maharshi
      Then, she tore a piece of her banana leaf, and used that to scoop up the payasam. The old Tamilian lady sitting next to her looked stunned, and then made round sweeping gestures on her leaf, showing the Japanese girl how to eat her food.
    • 2012, Sudhā Mūrti, Grandma's Bag of Stories (page 86)
      He sighed and replied, 'All right. You can come. But to cook so much of payasam I will need much more firewood. Can you bring that with you?'