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From piss off, pee being a euphemism for piss.


pee off (third-person singular simple present pees off, present participle peeing off, simple past and past participle peed off)

  1. (idiomatic, slang, sometimes humorous) Euphemistic variant of piss off.
    • 1973, Leo Simpson, The Peacock Papers, Macmillan,
      page 9 (dialogue): He pees me off on TV. Have we anything of his I could read?
      page 37 (dialogue): Pee off, this is a private conversation, hey?
    • 1984, William Goldman, The Season: A Candid Look at Broadway, Limelight Editions, →ISBN, page 131,
      I think, subconsciously, this is every performer's nightmare: that you're going to pee them off so much they're going to come up on stage and kill you.
    • 2005, "BC–The Cycling Geek", quoted in Graham Pond, London by London, The Friday Project Ltd (2005), →ISBN, page 150,
      Anyway, back to the red light point – it's knackering cycling around, and if one thing pees me off it's getting some good momentum up and then having to stop at a pedestrian crossing because someone's pressed the button then crossed anyway […]

Derived terms[edit]