pencil skirt

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Modern pencil skirt

From pencil + skirt, referring to its shape.


pencil skirt (plural pencil skirts)

  1. A slim skirt (clothing) with a straight and narrow cut, usually approximately knee-length.
    Anna decided to wear a black pencil skirt with her blue blouse that day to work.
    • 2004, Kate Betts, "Into the Wild", Time, 1 Nov 2004:
      And for Italian sportswear giant MaxMara, the cornerstone of the show was a crisp khaki safari jacket shown over a pencil skirt.
    • 2011, Grace Dent, The Guardian, 12 Feb 2011:
      For a long while I said any girl could get through round one of MasterChef simply by turning up in a pencil skirt and making a fried Nutella sandwich with condensed milk and an expression that says, "I like older men with no hair".