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From the Greek πενία poverty and φόβος panic, fear

Related to Latin penuria (poverty)


peniaphobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear of poverty and/or poor people.
    • 1994, Charlotte Foltz Jones, Mistakes That Worked, Doubleday (1994), →ISBN, page 38:
      Piggy banks are helpful for persons with "peniaphobia," an abnormal fear of poverty.
    • 1998, Brian Shipman, WWJD: Daily Time with Jesus, B & H Publishing Group (1998), →ISBN, page 358:
      Maybe you have peniaphobia, but God wants you live among and minister to the poor []
    • 2013, The Mission Marketing Group PLC, Interim Report 2013: For the Six Months Ended 30 June 2013, page 6:
      Our strategy is not driven by brobdingnagian principles: it is quite simply to excel in whatever we do and my personal optimism for the future stems from the knowledge that our entrepreneurial Agencies are driven to achieve. Perhaps this is due to peniaphobia but more likely it stems from a passion to establish the mission™ as the most respected and regarded Agency group in the UK.