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Alternative forms[edit]


From Scottish Gaelic pìobaireachd (act of playing the bagpipes), from pìobaire (piper) + -achd (abstract noun suffix).


  • IPA(key): /ˈpiːbɹɒk/, /ˈpiːbɹɒx/


pibroch (plural pibrochs)

  1. A series of musical variations for the bagpipes, usually martial or funerary in nature.
    • 1908, E. G. Murphy, ‘The Doctor's Story’, Australian Ballads & Short Stories, Penguin 2003, p. 279:
      He had heard the stirring pibrochs speed the Gordons in their fights, / It had borne them through the fire zone as they swung up Dargai's heights []
    • 2012, Hannah Rosefield, ‘Piping Up’, Literary Review, 401:
      Halfway through The Big Music, Kirsty Gunn notes that piobaireachd, a particular form of bagpipe composition, sounds ‘foreign and strange’ to those not raised on it.