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pickle +‎ back (mild drink, chaser). Coined 2006 by Reggie Cunningham of The Bushwick Country Club bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.[1][2][3]


pickleback (plural picklebacks)

  1. A shot of whiskey with a shot of pickle brine as the chaser.
    • 2010, Toby Cecchini, “Got Your Pickleback”, The New York Times Style Magazine, 2010-03-16:[2]
      Reggie poured me a pickleback, which he described as the house specialty: a shot of Old Crow bourbon and an accompanying shot of brine from a jar of McClure’s spicy dills.
  2. The shot of pickle brine itself as a chaser.
    • 2010, New York, Volume 43, Issues ? (14–21), p. ??:
      There are drink deals to match, like the Recession Special, which nets you a PBR tall boy, a shot of whiskey. and a shot of spicy pickleback for a modest $6.


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