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Alternative forms[edit]


From the trial of Jeremy Thorpe, where Norman Scott, indicating his reluctant participation in receptive homosexual activity, said "I just bit the pillow, I tried not to scream because I was frightened of waking Mrs Thorpe."[1]


pillow-biter (plural pillow-biters)

  1. (derogatory or humorous) A homosexual man.
    • 2002: Mark A. Roeder, Keeper of Secrets
      When I'd come in, he'd say stuff like ‘The little pillow-biter is home’ or ‘The little fairy has just flown in’.
    • 2003: D. B. C. Pierre, Vernon God Little
      You a pillow-biter or what?’ ‘Hell no. I just think you're too young, that's all.’
    • 2004: Paul Matthew St. Pierre, A Portrait of the Artist As Australian: L'œuvre Bizarre de Barry Humphries
      ... a stuffed shirt, a raving pillow-biter or a looney old lezzo with a face like a half-sucked mango, ...


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