pink snapper

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Chrysophrys auratus
[photograph: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos]


From pink + snapper.


pink snapper (plural pink snappers)

  1. (Australia, Western Australia) The fish Chrysophrys auratus (or Pagrus auratus).
    • 2001, R. J. Slack-Smith, Fishing with Traps and Pots, Food and Agriculture Organization, page 33,
      These traps are used in southern Australia to take leatherjackets (Monocanthidae) in deeper waters of the continental shelf and pink snappers (Pagridae) and other bottom-dwelling fish in shallower waters.
    • 2006, Kurt Blanksby, Fishing Guide to Western Australia, Revised Edition, page 52,
      Like the dhufish, the pink snapper is high up on the list of popular species that anglers love to catch.



  • Relationships among partial and whole lengths and weights for Western Australian Pink Snapper Chrysophrys auratus (Sparidae), Moran and Burton, at the Western Australian Department of Fisheries [1].