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pisketti (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of pasghetti
    • 1979, Joseph D Noshpitz, Justin D Call, Basic Handbook of Child Psychiatry: Development
      In speaking to children, the clinician should be alert for such common expressive errors as aminal (animal), pisketti (spaghetti), ...
    • 2000, Judith Arnold, Cry Uncle
      "They didn't even have pisketti." "Spaghetti," Pamela corrected her before addressing the Prescotts.
    • 2002, "Jane Landis", For Bitsy - finally, a gourmet meal! (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.pets.hamsters)
      The other way you could always tell was that he loved pisketti noodles, but they'd always attack him and tangle him up in themselves. Then he finally learned how to fight 'em up real good and teach 'em who was boss!
    • 2005, Mark Miller, Kids Who Say 'Pisketti' Are Correct! (in Weekly World News, volume 27, number 8, 31 October 2005)
      Adults have long been amused by children's cute mispronunciation of "spaghetti" as "pisketti."
    • 2008, Carole Zucker, The cinema of Neil Jordan: dark carnival
      Vivian says as they enter the cider factory: 'We'll have pisketti for lunch.' He reverts to his child self, trying to recuperate the family that he lacked.